Escape the Chicken Coop (Novel written by Leanette; true events)
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It begins with a man stealing Ann from her grandmother's home. Ann and her eleven siblings live in constant terror at the hands of an abuser. Not knowing what will provoke the next attack, they must be ready to hide physically and emotionally. Never turning her back on her faith, Ann devises an escape plan. Her faith allows her to push through the terror to become a triumphant woman. LEANETTE LOPEZ the author of Breaking the Cycle of Self-doubt, The One & Only Me Kristen E., I Dare You, and Atrevete, continues to inspire with her riveting novel Escape the Chicken Coop.

This novel was written entirely by Leanette Lopez based on the life of the co-author S. L. (Lynn) Miles. It has affected many lives touching the topic of domestic violence & abuse. There is a study guide in the back of the book for group studies or book clubs. Buy this riveting page turning book today. It has received much attention in the European market and was invited to appear in different well known book expos.

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Escape the Chicken Coop (Novel written by Leanette; true events)

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