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Leanette Lopez 2020 Bio:

  • Leanette Lopez ministered since 1995 as a recording artist, a Sunday school teacher, Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor and ultimately Lead Pastor along with her husband of 31 years. She is now a candidate for State Representative. 


  • After leading 2 churches over a span of 15 years, Leanette ventured out into the evangelistic field (as a traveling recording artist); by means of her recordings with Nashville, Arizona & Hollywood award winning producers; also as an author and speaker. She has always been involved in her church and community i.e. 


  • She ministered for causes, leadership mentoring, at the homeless shelter, and served on an advisory capacity with executive committees while ordained.


  • When traveling, she tells her family story of having a miracle baby. Subsequently she had a high-risk pregnancy where she was told to abort the baby, she held on to God and her faith. She was in the hospital 30 days and told not to take videos of the baby since it wouldn't likely make it past one year.


  • Needless to say, her baby made it past 20 years of age because in 1999, she gave birth to a 1 lb.12 oz. baby girl on Easter Sunday. Her Dr. at the time wrote an excerpt letter in one of her books detailing the medical miracle. Leanette promised God that no matter what happened in life, she would tell her story.


  • The Lopez family travels on the weekends to candidate, sometimes having their daughter Kristen lead worship or open up a concert. Leanette's husband works at the only Corvette plant in the world; the city where she seeks to be elected to the seat of State House Representative of District 20 as a conservative Independent Candidate on Tuesday November 3, 2020. 



Leanette Lopez  

Press Release: 




Leanette Lopez Announces Candidacy for State Representative


Bowling Green, KY – Bowling Green former minister, Leanette Lopez, has filed to run as an Independent candidate for District 20 of the Kentucky House of Representatives.   


“I’m running on a platform of growth, jobs and values.  We have to be globally competitive to maintain the growth of our economy in recent years.  I’ll fight for better jobs through excellence in education and workforce innovation.  I stand with the American flag and the traditional values this country was built upon.”    


Lopez is looking forward to the campaign.  “I’m going to run a vigorous campaign on the issues.  Early response has been enthusiastic so I’m energized to meet the voters I plan to represent soon.  I invite people to learn more about me and support my campaign by visiting www.leanettelopez.com.” 



Lopez was born in Ohio, but moved to Bowling Green years ago when her husband was transferred.  Her faith drives her love for people and led her to pursue vocational ministry, now a public servant.  She enjoys leading music in worship and raising her daughter in a Christian home.

Lopez is running to restore the sanctity of life, elevate human dignity, and promote family values. A native-born US citizen, Lopez, will make a difference in the legislative realm leading with her principles.


Lopez is Pro-Growth, Pro-Economic Development and Pro-Family Values.  She believes that conservative principles will sustain further growth to our prosperous community. Lopez will advocate for infrastructure development, the improvement of our current education system, advancement to better jobs, and keeping values.

Lopez says she's honored to serve the people of the 20th district.








"Leanette shares the values of Bowling Green citizens and would represent them well in the state legislature."--Mayor Bruce Wilkerson, Bowling Green, KY





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Leanette's ministry info: facebook.com/leanettelopez